Erenfix Complex is a dietary supplement; its ingredients contribute to a balanced lifestyle. The active substances of the Day tablet help to stay active during the day, and the Night tablet to achieve relaxing sleep. By using the two different products correctly, it may also reduce the adjusting time when switching time zones.


Serving size

Adults should take 1-3 tablets with plenty of fluids before or during a meal.

Consuming a dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced, varied, mixed diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily consumption.

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Night tablets

The Night jar can be also ordered separately. The other opposite effect is the relaxing period of the day. The brown Night tablets contain valerian and lemongrass which contribute to a restful sleep and proper relaxation. Magnesium and vitamin B6 contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal psychological function. Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function.

45 Night tablets per jar

OGYÉI notification number: 24503/2020


Active substances 1 tablet 2 tablets 3 tablets
Vitamin B1 1,19 mg

(NRV*= 108,18%)

2,38 mg

(NRV*= 216,36%)

3,57 mg

(NRV*= 324,55%)

Vitamin B2 1,47 mg

(NRV*= 105,00%)

2,94 mg

(NRV*= 210,00%)

4,41 mg

(NRV*= 315,00%)

Vitamin B3 7,00 mg

(NRV*= 43,75%)

14,00 mg

(NRV*= 87,50%)

21,00 mg

(NRV*= 131,25%)

Vitamin B5 3,50 mg

(NRV*= 58,33%)

7,00 mg

(NRV*= 116,67%)

10,50 mg

(NRV*= 175,00%)

Vitamin B6 4,10 mg

(NRV*= 292,86%)

8,20 mg

(NRV*= 585,71%)

12,30 mg

(NRV*= 878,57%)

Vitamin B12 140,00 mcg

(NRV*= 5600,00%)

280,00 mcg

(NRV*= 11200,00%)

420,00 mcg

(NRV*= 16800,00%)

Vitamin D3 16,50 mcg

(NRV*= 330,00%)

33,00 mcg

(NRV*= 660,00%)

49,50 mcg

(NRV*= 990,00%)

Folic acid 165,00 mcg

(NRV*= 82,50%)

330,00 mcg

(NRV*= 165,00%)

495,00 mcg

(NRV*= 247,50%)

Inositol 14,00 mg** 28,00 mg** 42,00 mg**
Choline 14,00 mg** 28,00 mg** 42,00 mg**
Q10 14,00 mg** 28,00 mg** 42,00 mg**
Selenium 14,00 mcg

(NRV*= 25,45%)

28,00 mcg

(NRV*= 50,91%)

42,00 mcg

(NRV*= 76,36%)

Zinc 3,50 mg

(NRV*= 35,00%)

7,00 mg

(NRV*= 70,00%)

10,50 mg

(NRV*= 105,00%)

Magnesium 14,00 mg

(NRV*= 3,73%)

28,00 mg

(NRV*= 7,47%)

42,00 mg

(NRV*= 11,20%)

Astragalus extract 21,00 mg** 42,00 mg** 63,00 mg**
Gotu kola extract 21,00 mg** 42,00 mg** 63,00 mg**
Lemongrass extract 70,00 mg** 140,00 mg** 210,00 mg**
Valerian extract 70,00 mg** 140,00 mg** 210,00 mg**
Lavender extract 35,00 mg** 70,00 mg** 105,00 mg**
Broccoli extract 17,50 mg** 35,00 mg** 52,50 mg**
Omega-3 fatty acids:

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

35,00 mg**

17,50 mg**

11,67 mg**

70,00 mg**

35,00 mg**

23,34 mg**

105,00 mg**

52,50 mg**

35,01 mg**

*NRV= Nutrient Reference Values of an average adult.
**NRV has not been established.

Good to know


It is very important in our lives to achieve harmony in different areas. The adverse effects, such as the balance of morning and evening, determine our lives. A healthy human organization needs activeness and rest. Quality and relaxing sleep is essential to maintain a productive life. By improving the functionality and quality of different parts of the days, your life can go more smoothly.

Jet lag:

Jet lag effects can be observed on journeys across time zones. Jet lag is a physiological condition caused by a change in the circadian rhythm. Human biological clocks follow the rhythm of days and nights. On a longer trip, this rhythm can be disrupted, resulting in symptoms during the transition period. The most efficient way to shorten this adjusting period is in the quality of activeness during the day and rest at night.


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